About the Full Circle Creative Reuse Center in Utica, NY

The Full Circle Creative Reuse Community Center will promote creative reuse through the arts and sciences, furthering our community’s movement towards sustainability.  We acknowledge that the social, economic and environmental aspects of our lives are linked and that arts and sciences are a way to creatively express and harmonize these linkages. We understand that ‘waste’ is merely a label that we can decide to change.  By creatively reusing materials, we will challenge the notion of wasted resources – both material and human.

Our mission is to inspire creative reuse by collecting and redistributing donated, discarded and overproduced materials, thus promoting environmentally sustainable and innovative behavior.   Our educational mission includes providing programs and affordable materials to the community through donation and resale.

We are currently a work in progress – please join our efforts!  Contact John at reutica@gmail.com or Fran at Fran_wagner@hotmail.com.  Visit us on facebook at ITZ ARTZ AND SCRAPZ.